Volunteer Training

man with boyIt is critical to start job-specific training as soon as volunteers have received their general orientation to the agency and have been scheduled for work. It reinforces your commitment to excellence and provides them with the means to pursue their assignments with confidence and effectiveness.

Each volunteer should receive a Volunteer Handbook that outlines your policies and procedures as well as the volunteer’s core rights and responsibilities. A written position description provides specific information on the context for the volunteer’s work as well as the key responsibilities, commitments (dates, times, duration), and planned outcomes. The Program Manager, Volunteer Manager, and/or direct supervisor should be available to review expectations and respond to questions.

Training requirements vary according to the nature of the assignment, the skills and experience of the volunteer, and the size of the agency. Direct service volunteers require special consideration, especially when serving children who have experienced trauma, lack attachment to caregivers, and/or struggle to regulate behaviors and emotions. Volunteers need to align their speech and actions with the agency’s “theory of change” such that the children receive consistent messages and treatment.

Most (if not all) classroom volunteers are passionate about the work. They welcome opportunities for in-service training and skill development. Some will develop an interest in early childhood development that exceeds your organizational capacity. Encourage their inquisitiveness by directing their attention to publications, web-based resources, educational institutions, and early childhood development associations and conferences.

Orientation Materials

documentVolunteer Handbook (Umatilla-Morrow Head Start)

documentVolunteer Handbook (Family Building Blocks)

documentSupplemental Handbook for Classroom Volunteers (Family Building Blocks)

documentSupplemental Handbook for Drivers (Family Building Blocks)

documentVolunteer Rights and Responsibilities

documentCode of Conduct, English (Family Building Blocks)

documentCode of Conduct, Spanish (Family Building Blocks)

documentVolunteer Orientation Presentation (Family Building Blocks)

Volunteer Training

documentScavenger Hunt (Mt. Tabor Coop Preschool) 

videoTraining Topics

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