Volunteer Feedback

volunteer with childVolunteers want a consistent, effective stream of communication between themselves and the organization. They want to know what is going on within the agency. They want to keep abreast of volunteer opportunities. And they want to know that someone is taking note of their questions, comments, and recommendations.

Several members of our Learning Community solicit volunteer feedback through on-line surveys. Surveys elicit targeted responses and commentary across all aspects of the volunteer experience. And they provide forums for participants to tender criticism without risk of discomfort the next time they clock in. Publish survey findings (in whole or in part) along with action plans to address salient concerns.

As your program gains momentum, you may wish to establish an advisory council. This group could play a key role in planning, decision-making, and advocacy for the volunteer management program. Be sure to identify candidates who are good sources of information and connections within your community.

Where possible, schedule “exit interviews” with long-standing volunteers who choose to discontinue service. Ask for candid feedback: What did they learn about the cause, the agency, and themselves? What experiences proved most meaningful? Where do they find room for improvement? And, of course, thank them for their service.

Feedback Resources

documentVolunteer Satisfaction Survey (Family Nurturing Center)

documentVolunteer Satisfaction Survey (Family Building Blocks)