toddlerFor the resource-strapped non-profit, the thought of adding volunteer recordkeeping and reporting to an overfull administrative plate can be daunting. It may be enough of a challenge to pull all of the other elements of a volunteer management program together! You’ll certainly need to set priorities as you develop a workable plan. Here are a few reasons why you might want to put recordkeeping and reporting on your radar…

Volunteer management is not free. You will invest time and money in a whole range of activities to make your volunteer management program successful. You will need a means to gauge the return on your investment. This assessment is valuable for your Board of Directors and critical for those who seek grant funding for a volunteer coordinator.

Some funders offer matching funds for in-kind contributions. They’ll provide a rate structure by job category against which you can assign a dollar value to volunteer time. You should be prepared to demonstrate that you have a system in place to capture service hours accurately.

Volunteers may need a formal record of their service hours. Internships and service learning programs have defined requirements for program completion for which you may need to provide written documentation. In addition, many volunteers account for in-kind donations and transportation expenses on their income tax returns.

Volunteer outcomes improve with goal-setting and measurement. When you have clear expectations and concrete objectives, you’ll be intentional about the positions you create, the people you recruit, and the support you provide. You’ll also have the data on which to tie volunteer contributions to your program outcomes and financial health.

Volunteerism is good for public relations. Government agencies, corporate donors, foundations, and individuals like to see that the community has rallied around your organization. They’ll take note of the number of volunteers that you attract as well as the total service hours contributed.

Reporting Resources

WWWA Consumers Guide to Software for Volunteer Management (TechSoup Global and Idealware)

excelVolunteer Training Log (Family Building Blocks)

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excelWork Crew Sign-In/Out Sheet (Family Building Blocks)