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boy with manIn 2007, Atlantic Philanthropies launched the Community Experience Partnership (CEP) to find new ways to engage older adults in activities that serve others, improve quality of life, and tackle pressing issues. Building on its statewide early childhood initiative Ready to Learn, the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) joined the partnership to link the talents of Boomer-aged adults with programs and services that educate and nurture children from birth through age 5. Dubbed Boomers and Babies, the goals of this project were to:

  • Strengthen early childhood programs through baby boomer volunteerism
  • Bring adults into children’s lives in ways that improve their readiness to learn
  • Increase the capacity of early childhood organizations to serve young children and families
  • Raise awareness of early childhood as a volunteer arena for older adults
  • Educate the early childhood field about how to use volunteers effectively

OCF has engaged a wide array of organizations in the project through pilot programs, volunteer management audits, and funded implementations. Working individually and collectively, this Learning Community has explored requirements for recruiting, training, and supporting Boomers in working with young children and their families. They have also addressed orientation and training needs for program staff who incorporate Boomers into their working environments and curriculum.

While the seed funding for Boomers and Babies focused on older adults, the best practices that surfaced through the diligent efforts of the Learning Community applies to all generational cohorts.

Boomers and Babies

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